Sarah Strahorn, LMT

Greetings, all.

I want to tell you a bit about myself and my work. I have been practicing massage therapy in Baltimore for the last 20 years. I have an integrative approach, using a wide array of tools gathered over the years to achieve lasting relaxation for my clients. I myself receive body work on a regular basis (usually Asian style) and learn from every massage I receive. Some of the techniques I lovingly utilize include neuromuscular, trigger point, craniosacral, aroma therapy, myofascial, sports stretching, hot stones, prenatal, geriatric and intuitive energy work.

Over the years I seem to find myself working with those who suffer from chronic pain.

My first love is deep tissue. I myself prefer a firm massage that travels down and within, through skin, fascia, muscle, and bone. But first things first, I like starting nearly every massage with at least ten minutes of slow myofascial work to create a suppleness in my client’s tissues, particularly around the upper trapezius and sacrum. I find that when I begin with this slowing down, softening, and breathing, the client’s body can accept the work more readily.

My style is ever evolving and my current passion is working on and around the abdomen, addressing the often forgotten or ignored muscles and organs nestled within the core and side body.

My strengths as a massage therapist lie within my listening/nurturing skills, strong knowledge of anatomy, and a lasting desire to create a unique combination of a physical and emotional relief for my beloved clients.