Welcome to Ebb & Flow Therapeutics

Greetings and salutations! I wanted to inform you all that starting on January 10th, I will be moving my massage practice to Metta Integrative Wellness Cooperative located at 720 West 36th Street in Hampden. You will find Metta right next to Dylan’s Oysters at the intersection of 36th street and Chestnut Avenue.

Sometimes the way forward is a circular route. This will be a return to Metta for me, as I massaged there for three years before starting my private practice at Ruscombe Mansion Wellness. I am excited to be rejoining Metta in this permutation as it flourishes under the new leadership of my dear friend and Colleague Molly Farwell. She has worked hard along with others to transform it into a worker owned collective, which I am very excited to learn and experience what that entails in the years to come.

I want to share that this move will provide a great deal of support for me and my practice via taking care of the highly important yet challenging and time consuming nuts and bolts details such as laundry, booking, cleaning, website maintenance, and tax preparation. I will be so grateful for this support so that I can focus on what it’s all about; providing a relaxing and healing treatment for you!.

With my move there will be a slight raise in prices. An hour massage will go from $80 to $95, a 90 minute from $115 to $125, and the 2 hour from $145 to $155. For those who receive regular massage I suggest checking out the option of an individual or family membership which will help keep massage affordable. Feel free to email me a sarahstrahorn@gmail.com with any questions. Just as before, you will be able to book online with me, but now you will book at Metta.

I will be available for house calls on Tuesdays and Saturdays, please email me or text to arrange.

I wish us a joyful and healing 2022 and can’t wait to see you soon!

– Sarah Strahorn, LMT