Corporate Massage

A great addition to any corporate wellness program!

On-site chair massage offers the benefits of massage in public spaces like the workplace.  The recipient of the massage is seated in a specially designed massage chair and remains fully clothed.  Massage techniques are given through the clients clothing and focus on the upper body; head, neck, and arms.  The length of a typical session last 10-20 minutes, or the length of a typical work break.  

Some benefits of massage are:

1.  Reduces physical and mental effects of stress which helps prevent burnout and stress-related diseases.

2.  Improves alertness and ability to focus, an antidote for work slumps.

3.  Helps relieve common conditions such tension headaches, and stiff or sore muscles.

4.  Improves immune system functioning for better health and resistance to colds and other illnesses.

5.  Increased good feelings about the workplace and loyalty to the company. Companies offering wellness incentives to employees are truly companies who care!

The benefits to the employer are equally rewarding: increased productivity at work, increased employee/customer satisfaction, reduced sickness/absenteeism, and heightened employee morale.  It really is a win-win situation for all.

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