I have been practicing massage in Baltimore for over 20 years. I use an integrative approach to massage combining Swedish, deep tissue, asian modalities, cupping, myofascial, hot stone, and craniosacral therapy. My goal is to taylor each session to my specific client to provide lasting relief from pain, improved sleeping, and mental relaxation.

Traditional Massage Services:

1 Hour Massage – $80  – Click here to book

A full hour of pure bliss combining your desired techniques with complimentary hot towels and aromatherapy.

90 Minute Massage – $110 – Click here to book

Usually a combination of deep tissue, Swedish, and Myofascial also including hot towels and aromatherapy

2 hour massage – $130 – Click here to book

This is a very thorough massage that leaves no stone unturned. It allows me longer time to spend on often overlooked areas like the abdominal and gluteal muscles. This is a great way to reset the body for a fresh start!

45 minute massage- $55.00

Other Services

Half Hour Cupping Session – $40 – Click here to book 
Cupping is a great and long lasting way to move fascia and soften tissue for long periods of time. This can also be added on to a regular massage. Great for stubborn areas causing chronic pain such as shoulders, along the spine, lower back and knees.

Half Hour Gua Sha – $40 – Click here to book

This is the ancient art of oiling the back and scraping over it with a dull surface. I use a Chinese soup spoon. This does leave marks from broken blood vessels but it is a great way to soften up large areas of tension.

Half Hour Energy Work Session – $50 – Click here to book

For this you can request any or all of these types of energy work… This can be just the thing for depression or anxiety.

  • craniosacral
  • somatic archeology

Add ons to any treatment:

Gua Sha – $ 10.00
Asian scraping technique to loosen fascia
The full buff –  $5.00
Deep vibration using a power tool
Cupping- $10
Asian technique to remove stagnation and increase circulation
Hot Stone- $15.00
Warming and relaxing, softens the tissue

Prenatal Massage

Prenatal massage has a lot of benefits for expectant mothers: Stress reduction, relief from aches and pains, encourages blood flow, and it just feels really good. Prenatal massages are available at 60 / 90 / or 120 minute sessions. Click here to book  

Prenatal massages also make great baby shower gifts!

Prenatal massages include:

  • aromatherapy
  • your desired massage techniques modified to be safe and therapeutic for prenatal clients
  • special cushion that allows you to lay comfortably, face down, during the massage

Prenatal massage allows a woman to lay on her stomach which is a great relief. It helps with pesky lower back pain, swollen ankles, and tight upper body muscles.

It can also improve the quality of the sleep one is experiencing.

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